Thursday, 17 October 2013


  1. LOL! Are those your tenny-kickers Carolyn? Or your car? Which must run because there is no grass growing under it.

    1. Not my car unfortunately; belongs to a surfie dude who was at the beach. I just liked how his surfboard was sitting in the passenger seat and his take-away coffee was perched on the bonnet while he checked out the waves. I have no idea what "tenny-kickers" are....

    2. Wow, I've seen the gorgeous beach photos which I assume are from your neighborhood, but I didn't know you could surf there. You really do live in an amazing are.
      PS. tenny-kickers are tennis-shoes, only for just 'kicking around'. Sorry for using the American slang.

    3. hehe, that's OK! it's always interesting to hear some new slang! The shoes are Yoshimi's picture :)